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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Low-Dose Naltrexone Helps People with Multiple Sclerosis!


28/29 Elul, 5777

BIG news in the medical world: A BREAKTHROUGH!


How does LDN work for multiple sclerosis (MS)? Drs. Zagon & McLaughlin show that LDN restores MS patients’ production of the natural endorphin, OGF.

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I'll be back on the blog as of Monday. I'm about to focus on lots of inner and outer preparations for Rosh HaShana. Lots of organic, vegan, macrobiotic cooking is on my present schedule so I can share the results with guests over the 3-day holiday/Shabbat time.

I wish all the world a healthier, happier, sweeter year in 5778.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

A Healing Season


27 Elul, 5777

My mind and heart are awhirl with thoughts about the coming year, 5778. 5777 held so many heart-breaking moments, and some exhilarating ones.

I focus on healing hearts, bodies and minds as best I can with my day-to-day efforts. You read my writings at, here on the blog, and in

I ask that you add to your healing potential by also reading Healing Powers of Apples and Honey

Rabanit Yemima Mizrakhi also shared some ideas, and here they are:

It’s vital everyday not to get angry, but in particular on the first day of Rosh HaShanah, this is the day the Jewish people are judged, the gentiles are judged on the second day. On this day there is strict judgment in Shamayim (heaven) and it is a must not to get angry at all, not even to think in an angry way. Don’t invite guests that you know will ‘push your buttons’ that you will not be able to control, wait to host on the second day. Don’t get stuck in worry, anger and definitely not in sadness. The way the year begins, is the way it will flow the coming year. Don’t allow yourself to speak badly.

Before sitting down at the Seder look at everyone’s eyes and bless them each individually, feel forgiveness for everyone around you. Allow love and peace to enter your heart. Everyone should say a ‘L’Chaim’ out loud and bless each other with complete simcha.
The Rosh HaShanah table should be filled with abundance of colors, different types of foods.
Apples and honey: use red apples, it is a segula for a zivug, to find one’s soul mate/shalom bayit and for getting pregnant. It is an eit ratzon,special holy time, before eating the apple, smell the apple and ask for whatever you want. It was at this time that Ya’akov received the blessing from his father Yitzchak. When he smelled Ya’akov he smelled the fragrance of Gan Eden, of the apple, and even though he was undeserving of the bracha, due to the fact that it was supposed to go to Esav, he still received it. Ask for anything you wish.
Pomegranate and rubia (black-eyed peas): ask HaShem to bring out your potential. We all have never ending potential, do we use it all? Ask HaShem for help.. just like it’s hard to take apart the seeds, please HaShem help us realize our potential and be who we are meant to be.
Leeks, beets, dates: ask HaShem to take away any feelings of resentment, anger, bitterness towards anyone. Ask HaShem to help us throw these feelings away from ourselves and remove them from our heart. Ask HaShem to enable you to be able to rebuild your feelings and relationship with these people.
Fish head: ask HaShem that you should lead your household and not anyone else(like our children who tend to control us…) when looking at the fish, ask Hashem to protect you from the evil eye.
All throughout the seder, ask HaShem to make your home a palace: you the queen and your husband the king, your children the prince/princesses. Ask HaShem to make you all children of the King, this requires us to act like children of the King, meaning again: DO NOT GET ANGRY, WORRIED, DISTRESSED, be royal.
Get up early on Rosh Hashanah; this blesses the coming year with ease. A year that your wishes will be fulfilled quickly. Try to postpone your afternoon rest until after 1:00 pm.
It is vital to daven for parnassah on Rosh HaShanah, according to Rav Dessler ztk’l. This proclaims that we trust in HaShem and know that everything is from Him. Ask to be a giver of tzadakah.
Very important to dress festively, even wear white and be HAPPY
Before hearing the shofar accept upon yourself: v’Ahavta L’Reiacha Kamokha (Love your neighbour as you love yourself). If you hold a grudge towards someone in the shul, the shofar will not be able to ascend and sweeten the judgments.
During the shofar: think of the following: resurrection of the dead, that HaShem can revive anything that has ‘died out’ in you be it physically and spiritually. Don’t talk during the shofar blowing. Think about all that you want to be. We are being reborn!
Very important to shed a tear during the shofar and to wipe the tear over your forehead (to wipe away transgressions {AriZal zt’l}). This serves as a shield for the entire year against any bad things i.e. illness. Whoever is able to shed a tear then can be rest assured that she is being judged at that moment and if she comes back to teshuvah at that point, she will be blessed with a good year.
During the first blow of shofar, take one particular transgression that you did and ask for forgiveness. During the second blows of the shofar, the shevarim, hurt/cry for those who are in pain and in sorrow, i.e. the families of terror victims, the families that lost their loved ones, those who are ill….
During the next set of blows accept upon yourself a new mitzvah: tzniut, tefillah, tzedakah… The intention should be in your heart without uttering a word.
During Mussaf prayer when the chazzan says the word: ayeh, you can ask for one of three things, whisper to yourself:
1) Parnassah 2) Ruakh Hakodesh 3) Righteous Children
Once we hear the shofar on the first day of Rosh HaShanah, the judgments are lessened and sweetened and there is less stringency in Shamayim.
Don’t eat anything sour or spicy on Rosh HaShanah, only sweet foods. Everything that you do makes an impact on the entire year. Don’t use walnuts or black grapes.
1) Prepare the seder table early in the afternoon, it is a segula that no troubles will come upon you the entire year, B’H.
2) Try to do ta’anit dibur, not to speak, the morning of Rosh Hashanah (speak only words of Torah). If possible fast as well; this way 1/3 of your transgressions will be wiped away. This comes out on Wednesday morning.
3) Candles for Rosh HaShanah: before lighting give 18 of ‘something (coins, bills) to tzedakah: 18 cents, 18 dollars, etc.. This serves as a pidyon nefesh. Ask HaShem that if something bad c’v is supposed to happen, let the tzedakah stand as a protector against it.
4) Buy a new knife and use it on Rosh HaShanah eve to cut open the challah and apple. It is a segula for a long life and for parnassah.
5) Bake challahs: bake it in the shapes of a circle.
6) Bircat Hamazon: the first one said on Erev Rosh Hashanah say it with enthusiasm and joy, it is a segula for an abundance of parnassah.
7) Recite the following perakim of Tehillim Alef, Beit, Gimmel and Daled before sleeping on both nights to prevent bad dreams.
8) Buy a new dress/clothing for Rosh Hashanah. Intend on this new article when reciting the bracha of She’hechiyanu
ALSO IT IS THE YAHRZEIT /YOM SHANA OF SARAH IMEINU ON THE FIRST DAY OF ROSH HASHANAH, LIGHT A CANDLE AND DAVEN IN HER ZECHUT THAT WE SHOULD ALL BE ZOKHE TO BE WONDERFUL WIVES AND MOTHERS AS SHE WAS A TRUE TZADEKEt…ויהי רצון מלפני אדון כלהנשמות ריבון כל המעשים שתתחדש בחסד וברחמים ברכת רבי ישמעאל בן אלישעכהן גדול :יהי רצון מלפניך שיכבשורחמיך את כעסך ויגולורחמיך על מידותיך ותתנהגעמנו לפנים משורת הדיןHAVE A WONDERFUL CHAG AND GEULAH BEKAROV TO AM YISRAEL!!

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

POWER to the Patient!


26 Elul, 5777

As the Jewish New Year Rosh HaShana approaches (it begins Wednesday night), the weeks preceding it are a time for introspection. Jews worldwide ask ourselves if we can function in more optimal, productive and insightful ways. Pondering the answers we realize, we then seek solutions and use them so that we build up and repair the world.

That's an empowering technique for anyone, not just the Jewish kids in the class.

Some of the people who need to ask the questions and explore the answers are medical professionals. That's because they can overlook the best medical information about a patient's condition by failing to respect the patient's description of what is happening to her or him.

The situation can become emotionally draining as a person struggles to convince medical people to simply listen to and to believe them!

As tiring and upsetting as that is, speaking up for yourself in medical settings is a NECESSITY.

As the

teaches, YOU are your own best advocate.

You need to EMPOWER Yourself to
COPE with a Medical Challenge.

Silence can damage your inner and outer health.  

There are paragraphs in the book about how handle rude and clueless doctors, relatives and visitors. They can be astonishingly dismissive of a patient's comments about the suffering they've experienced. That can be dangerous, even life-threatening.

This patient-empowering article, therefore, is a welcome bit of news:

Doctors are being advised to listen to what women tell them in a bid to speed up diagnosis of a disease

Disease, which causes crippling pain and can lead to infertility, affects 176 million women worldwide and currently takes seven to eight years to...

I'm interested in your thoughts about the above development, and your experiences with insensitive medical  personnel.

Contact me at to share your thoughts.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Boost Your Mental Health in One Reading!


23 Elul, 5777

I've been so busy meeting journalism deadlines, and with a BIG goal in mind!

Please go to and share the articles that can help the people in your life.

I work hard to interview experts, to do necessary research in books and other publications. I am well aware of many painful, frustrating and confusing mental health issues that affect the wider world.

I'm doing what I can to keep you as healthy as possible in body and mind.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

You've Survived 100% of Your WORST Days


22 Elul, 5777

I'm back from my break and it was wonderful.

I managed to celebrate a highly spiritual and emotionally satisfying wedding with close friends whose child is now married, met with one of my bosses for a long, interesting conversation about pending innovations in my medical journalism, and enjoyed other activities while supervising the video I've been preparing to share with you.

The video was made into two somewhat different versions. My videographer and I are still deciding which version to release. Both have merits, and we have to choose which video to use. It's part of the professional process.

Meanwhile, I'm interested in your reaction to this "You've Survived 100% of Your WORST Days" opportunity:

If you're interested in sharing your story about coping with a mental health issue of some sort (addiction, thought, mood or personality disorder, depression, distress at some event or situation) - or someone else's story, and you're willing to speak with me about that for an "As told to" feature story that educates the public, please PM me.
I can keep your real name out of the article, and use a fictional name. What must be real is the issue you're facing, and the events you describe to me.
Let's partner to give the wider world a reality check!
The article(s) will appear at

The Web's #1 resource for guidance on E-counseling services and mental health. Take the first steps towards living a better life.

All of us wonder how and if we'll survive the challenges before us. Sometimes we're shocked to realize that we did.

Yes, our thinking is affected by our experiences (that's how we become wiser over time), and so are our emotions.

That can make us wiser, stronger, and able to help other people. The process takes time, trial and error until we get things right.

In the EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge print and E- book, there's a passage that talks about Making a Motivational Motto for your survival plan. I ask people to use their insights and a sense of humor with that effort. The one I came up with for some of my clients this week is "You've Survived 100% of Your WORST Days - work with that."

Ready to communicate with me by phone, E-mail, and otherwise about how You've Survived 100% of Your WORST Days - and what you can teach to the rest of us about that?

Let me know in the comment area below this blogpost.

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Fill your life with self-respect in thought and action. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Something Exciting


20 Elul, 5777

It will soon be Rosh HaShana, the weeks-long Jewish New Year season, a time preceded by month-log introspection across the Jewish world. The goal of that reflection is to become an ever-better person, stretching our capacities in untried, sometimes simply necessary directions.

One of the things that has long been on my to-do list is to learn to use different tools for conveying deep thoughts so that people can benefit from the insights. Presented in a dramatic and non-threatening way, those deep thoughts allow an observer to look at issues with objectivity, to be able to see life from another person's perspective.

I took specific actions to achieve that long-considered goal this summer. I've made a video for which I wrote a script and innovated a presentation designed to rock the public's realization about the depth of an important mental health issue.

I hope to share the results with you in a few days. I hope that you'll find them as exciting as I do. 

Meanwhile, my videographer and I are about to finish editing the video. We had quite a bit of material to work with.

Please bear with me as I tend to some tedious technical details, a meeting with my journalism boss (he'll be the first person to view the video other than me), accomplish a few work-related interviews with mental health professionals, and take a trip to visit friends celebrating a joyous occasion.

I plan to post another update to this blog by Thursday. I definitely need some time off for the next 48 hours.

My prayers and wishes for well-being are with people suffering around the world in Mexico, the Caribbean, Florida and elsewhere. I've literally lost sleep from praying so much.

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Fill your thoughts and actions with progress.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Here's How to Build a Support System


16 Elul, 5777

My heart and mind ache for people in danger's path as several hurricanes have formed in one limited area. I pray for public safety, physical and mental health.

While tending to other concerns, I paused in wonder to read someone's "What is support?" question in an online forum for promoting health. Here's the full question:

The reason I began this group was 
I knew I needed support - and still do. 
But even though this group has been 
around for 15 years,  I still don't know 
how to create the support for others 
or to ask it from others... 

I think one has to have close friends 
who understand where we are coming 
from, as well as to understand 
what [whole food healing] is about. 
Just to "confess," I ate this or
 that doesn't seem like it would be 
where I'd want to go. Or to justify it 
is also not what I need. 

To say, well, we're human, 
we're not perfect, etc 
doesn't help me get back on track.

So what does???? 
I don't know. 
Do you?

Here's the response that I sent to the questioner:
"What is Support?" is a valid question in multifaceted ways. I keep begging the public to stop eating processed foods which have been proven to cause cancer and other health problems, and to avoid excess foods. So do other health advocates. That's a limited support system.

I explain how to build a bigger support system in my public presentations and in doctor-recommended EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge print and E- book.

Who wrote it? The woman who made medical history several times over​ after going organic, avoiding all synthetics and shocking the medical world when she went from blind to sighted, from close to death to thriving aerobics enthusiast. 

The medical world had literally written me off as "6 months" when [I was diagnosed with] a fatal brain tumor. But I learned of the cause for my many medical complaints in an emergency room, 18 months after the diagnosis had been made. The "We choose to remain silent" doctors who'd failed to inform me of the problem were certainly not a support system for me. I had to create one, and it had to work on the first try.

Support comes from adequate information sources, sympathetic friends and acquaintances. It also comes from the alternative healing world. Over time, I've built modest support in the western medical world... I've had to educate doctors willing to listen to me as I explained how they tend to err to the detriment of patients, and how to open up to healing possibilities they'd never considered before.

I used what I'd learned in my career as a medical coder, and as a mental health advocate. I teach coping skills techniques to my readers and to my life coaching clients (I focus on ill people wondering what to do about their situations).

Sometimes you have to blaze your own trail, ---. Some days all you need do is make the most of what's already within your reach."

I welcome your responses and reactions to the above, readers. You can leave comments below this blogpost.

Support yourself, or someone else who needs the assistance, with the E-book or print edition of EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge

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Fill your blanks with efforts to find what you need.